Vanquish ME Fat Removal Contactless RF Body Slimming For Professional Salone Use


Vanquish ME is a technology for body contouring by way of fat cell apoptosis. Uniquely designed to treat all body types with no BMI limitations. Vanquish ME is operator independent and boasts the largest spot size is the industry. MR Imaging studies reflect over 5mm reduction in the fat layer after treatment which is almost double the result of competitive technologies.







How dose it work ?


Using the patented Selective RF technology, VANQUISH ME allows physicians to reduce the circumference of the entire abdominal area, or inner and outer thighs.
The VANQUISH ME procedure disrupts fatty cells through the selective heating of adipose tissue. The process leads to fatty cell shrinkage and elimination

Machine's Function

1.Fat removal
2.Body contouring
3.Skin tightening
4.Weight loss
5.Strengthen the firmness of skin





* Dissolved fat without contact
The market's first non-contact, hands-free body sculpture equipment, can be a one-time treatment of abdominal and waist fat, without the use of multiple types of probes, a treatment only 30 minutes. Since the treatment is non-contact, the device does not directly contact the patient and thus significantly reduces the risk of potential side effects caused by contact between the probe and the skin tissue.

*The latest technology
As the most safe and effective weight-shaping equipment, mainly for the abdomen, bilateral abdominal fat shaping, dissolve fat ,body sculpting .

Treatment area: 20 cmx70 cm, for both men and women apply.
Selective RF field + Tuning technology, selective high frequency RF refers to the choice according to the impedance; RF field index finger positive and negative reflection; Tuning is a real-time resistance feedback system.

*Safe and noninvasive
Non-invasive, non-invasive, non-invasive, comfortable, no burns

*Particularly effective
The average weight loss of fat-free 7cm (full course), long-term effect of chronic apoptosis of adipocytes, non-rebound non-contact, noninvasive, painless, no recovery period, fast.














Setting Information
Part No
110V- 130V; 200V-240V
Machine screen
8 inches touch screen
Energy density






Are Vanquish ME treatments painful?

Not at all. One of the unique things about Vanquish ME, as compared to other similar treatments, is that the equipment doesn’t come into contact with your skin. While the surface of your skin does heat up, since there is no direct contact, you don’t have to worry about burning or extreme discomfort.
All you feel is a warm sensation in the treatment area. But the system’s cooling fan helps you stay comfortable throughout your entire treatment. Most men and women relax and read, use their phone, or look at their tablets during their Vanquish ME sessions.





Is there any downtime with Vanquish ME?

No. That’s the perk of choosing Vanquish ME to get the body you deserve. Most sessions take from 30–45 minutes. You may have some redness afterward because the temperature of your skin increases, but you won’t be in any discomfort.
Because the fat-destroying process is noninvasive and quick, you can get in and out for your appointment during your lunch break. You can even return to all of your regular activities, including exercising, right after the procedure.






Why choose Vanquish ME vs. CoolSculpting?


There are a number of body contouring options available, so why choose Vanquish ME? Vanquish ME offers the same great results with equipment that never comes into contact with your skin, making the treatment more comfortable. Not only that, the Vanquish ME procedure is available at a fraction of the price of CoolSculpting and other similar treatments








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